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Located Inside the Walmart Vision Center in Oberlin OH
- just west of US Rt 20 and Rt 58 intersection
Call 440-565-2368


Your Walmart Optometrist in Oberlin, OH

Visiting your eye doctor in Oberlin, OH at least once a year is the best way to monitor your eye health and make sure that your eyes are well taken care of. A professional optometrist can detect a variety of health problems during your comprehensive eye exam because your eyes are a great indicator of your overall health.

During your first visit to Dr. Joann Nerone, O.D. you will be asked about your eye health and eye care history, as well as your current vision needs. Please feel free to ask any questions or raise any issues you may have, because our optometrist is here to offer advice, suggest eye care and eyewear options and follow up on your eye conditions.

Why Choose Dr. Joann Nerone, O.D.?

  • Full Comprehensive Eye Exams - includes dilation
  • Advanced Technology - We offer the latest in optical equipment to serve you better.
  • Great Customer Service: We strive to provide the best patient experience.
  • Affordable Eyecare - Low everyday fees. Many insurance plans accepted, including Medicare and VSP. Credit cards and CareCredit accepted.
  • Eye Exams for all ages - From children's eye exams to detection and treatment of eye infections and diseases, including cataracts and glaucoma.
  • Lasik Evaluations and Surgery Follow-Up Provided

Independent Eye Doctor Serving Oberlin, Ohio

Dr. Joann Nerone is an independent eye care expert located in the Walmart Supercenter in Oberlin, OH. One of the advantages of practicing in Walmart is the large array of different patients and eye conditions our optometrist gets to treat. Our patients come from all over Lorain County, OH and the eye care services we offer include comprehensive eye exams for children and adults, ocular diseases diagnosis and treatment, eye care emergencies, contact lenses fittings and much more.

Eye Exam and Contact Lenses Fitting By Joann Nerone, O.D.

Need a contact lens fitting? Dr. Nerone will examine your eyes and take measures needed for fitting you with the most suitable contact lenses. For those who suffer of eye conditions such as dry eyes, astigmatism or presbyopia - our eye care expert will recommend specialty contact lenses to treat their condition.

When you visit our eye doctor for eyeglasses or contact lenses fittings, you can purchase your prescription glasses or contacts at Walmart Vision Center. Walmart offers low prices on many eyewear and contact lenses brands and WalMart’s professional opticians are here to help you pick the best frames and lenses for you.


Great Eye Care and Eye Exams in Oberlin, OH

Schedule an appointment with our Walmart eye doctor  to see how we can help you get the best prescription for your eyes. We are located a short drive away from Amherst and Wellington, OH.

Q&A with Dr. Joann Nerone

Dr. Joann Nerone Answers Your Eyecare Questions

What's the difference between buying eyeglasses online or from a Doctor of Optometry?

Getting glasses made from a Doctor of Optometry will ensure the proper fit and prescription of the eyeglasses.


Bifocal and Multifocal Contact Lenses 

If you are over 40 and have difficulty seeing close up, you probably have a common age-related condition called presbyopia which is when the eye’s natural lens loses the ability to focus on close objects. Presbyopia is a natural process that occurs as the eye ages and affects the majority of...

Workplace Eye Wellness: The Dangers of Blue Light

When people think of workplace dangers to the eyes, it is usually machinery, chemicals or construction materials that come to mind.  However, a growing danger to the eyes is one that may be less obvious - exposure to blue light from digital devices, television and computer screens and artificial lighting....

Focus on This....

Focus On This…

  • blurring  vision
  • over 40

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