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- just west of US Rt 20 and Rt 58 intersection
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Daily Contact Lenses

contact lenses Oberlin, OHThere are a lot of different brands of daily lenses in the market today and our optometrist in Oberlin, OH, Dr. Joann Nerone, recommends the Acuvue TruEyes and the Acuvue 1-day Moist.

Dr Nerone, on why she recommends daliles:

"Daily lenses are great for so many different reasons. They are the safest and healthiest option, since you are getting a new, fresh lens every time you where them. Also, they are great for people who just want to wear contact lenses part-time. For example, those weekend warriors or for kids playing sports. These people won't have to worry about when to throw them away or invest in any expensive contact lens solutions. Lastly, they work great for people with dry eyes or allergies."


daily contact lenses Oberlin, OH


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