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Located Inside the Walmart Vision Center in Oberlin OH
- just west of US Rt 20 and Rt 58 intersection
Call 440-565-2368

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Welcome to Joann Nerone, O.D! Our Oberlin optometrist and the caring staff of the Walmart Vision Center clipart 010are here to help children and adults see better! Considering contact lenses? Need an eye examination? Schedule your next appointment with our doctor and you will receive supreme eye care services. Call our office to learn more about eyewear options or receive a detailed explanation of LASIK vision surgery and other vision services.

Great Vision, Advice, and Eye Exams in Oberlin, OH

By using state of the art technologies, our eye doctor in Oberlin, OH can detect a wide range of eye conditions in their earliest stages. Early detection for conditions such as glaucoma, cataracts or macular degeneration can help Dr. Nerone save your vision.

Our Walmart eye doctor makes sure to stay up to date with the last innovations in the eye care and contact lens industry, providing patients with accurate contact lens fittings, advice and care.

Oberlin Walmart Vision Center – Top Eye Care in Lorain County

Dr. Nerone is proud to be an independent optometrist inside the Walmart Vision Center in Oberlin, Ohio. Having practice location inside a busy shopping center offers any health provider a great opportunity to treat a large number of patients and get the hands-on experience many private practice wish to have.

Annual Eye Exams at Walmart

eye exam lorain county, ohAs most Walmart based eye doctors, we treat many walk-in patients who decide to combine their annual visit to an eye doctor with their shopping.

Get Emergency Eye Care Fast

On many occasions, our Oberlin eye doctor treats children that need immediate eye care attention – such as foreign body removal as soon as possible in order to prevent eye infection or vision loss. May parents bring their children to the Walmart Vision Center to get professional vision care because they know that they can walk-in, no appointment needed, and get top notch service from a well trained and experienced eye doctor.

Contact Lenses Fitting

Many patients visit Dr. Nerone at the Vision Center for contact lens eye exams and consultations. What can be more convenient then to get your contact lenses eye exam and annual supply of contact lens in one place and without scheduling an appointment?

Need a Lasik consultation?

If you are looking for an alternative  to wearing eyeglasses or contact lenses, and you're looking into vision correction options, Dr. Nerone will be glad to evaluate your chances of a successful Lasik vision correction and refer you to a local Lasik vision center.

We can proudly say that many of our patients come back year after year, and choose Dr. Nerone to care for the entire family. By taking care of both children and adults and understanding the specific eye care needs of each individual, our eye doctor has become one of the most respected and unique in the Oberlin area.

For all your vision needs, visit our Walmart Vision Center and Dr. Nerone today.


  • We are Open on Saturdays from 9:00am - 4:00pm. Please call ahead to make an appointment.
  • Take a moment to let us know how we are doing. We invite your feedback!

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